Tompkins County Flora Project
A project of the L. H. Bailey Hortorium Herbarium (BH)
Department of Plant Biology
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Fringed Gentian
Volunteering to work on the TCF

The Tompkins County Flora project has several opportunities for those wishing to volunteer. For some activities, minimal typing and/or computer skills are all that are necessary. For others, knowledge of plant names and/or the local flora are required. Some activities (e.g., mounting plant specimens) require no previous experience, and the volunteer can be trained in a single afternoon. We are actively recruiting volunteer help for the following tasks:

No previous experience:

Mounting new specimens and/or library work.

Typing skills and/or minimal computer experience:

Entering and verifying specimen data into the BH database
Looking up, and entering common names for local plants
Georeferencing (interactively mapping) existing specimens (knowledge of local geography and history a plus!)
Field reference (via handheld GPS readings) of historical localities in Tompkins County (need a car!)
Botanical experience required:

Field verification and collection of new specimens
Field verification and mapping of species
Botanical and Photographic experience:

Field verification and photography of species and sites (requires digital camera and car!).

If you are interested in volunteering at the L.H. Bailey Hortorium for any of the above activities, please contact:

Sherry Vance
(607) 256 5342

or by email: