Angelica venenosa(Greenway) Fern.
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Hairy Angelica


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Dry sandy or gravelly open woodlands, in the more acid soils ; frequent. Fr. Sept.-Oct. In the ericaceous-chestnut soils of the hills w., s., and s. e. of Ithaca, on the crests of the ravines, and in the sandy regions n. of Cayuga Lake: pinnacles of Caroline (D.) and Danby {DA); Newfield hills; Connecticut Hill; Enfield Glen; Coy Glen; South Hill, near the marsh; s. w. shore of Cayuga Lake; "Case. Woods and near all the ravines" (D.) ; Renwick slope; Turkey Hill (D.) ; sandy woods e. of Newton Ponds. Absent in the McLean region and on the clays and richer soils back from the lake shores. W. Mass. to Minn., southw. to Fla., Term., and Mo. ; frequent on the Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Angelica venenosa (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, along Lehigh Valley Railroad, 1.5 mile north of station, dry woods, 4 Aug 1915, Eames & McDaniels 4696 (BH 2044);
 Ithaca, South Hill, in marsh, 9 Oct 1915, Eames & McDaniels 4695 (BH 2045);
 Ithaca, Aug 1875, anonymous (BH 12559);
 Ithaca, near upper end of Coy Glen, roadside, 15 Sep 1921, Burnham & Wilson 14026 (BH 12560);
 Ithaca, woods, 13 Aug 1875, Dudley 364 (BH 12567);
 Ithaca, north of Coy Glen, dry roadside, 29 Aug 1915, Eames 4699 (BH 12563);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Heights, dry open woods, 15 Aug 1915, Eames & McDaniels 4698 (BH 12566);
 Ithaca, along Glenwood Road, damp woods, 10 Aug 1919, Eames & Wiegand 12639 (BH 12561);
 Ithaca, Coy Glen, open dry woods, 25 Aug 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 600 (BH 12558);
 Danby, southwest of Michigan Hollow Swamp, hilltop, 29 Aug 1927, Muenscher & Burkholder 17003 (BH 12568);
 Ithaca, south of Coy Glen, woods, 23 Aug 1913, Palmer 906 (BH 12564);
 Brooktondale, woods, 25 Jul 1918, Randolph (BH 12562);
 Ithaca, near Enfield Ravine, dry soil along road, , Wiegand 2943 (BH 12565);
 Enfield, Connecticut Hill, dry ericaceous woods, 30 Jul 1916, Wiegand 6954 (BH 12569);