Apocynum floribundumGreene
accepted no not treated
Hybrid Dogbane, Intermediate Dogbane


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: In various localities in the Cayuga Lake Basin are found plants which answer to A. Milleri Britton, to A. urceolifer Miller, and possibly to A. medium Greene. In certain places, as for example along the rocky lake shore near Portland Point and Atwater, great masses of such forms occur. These forms, though constant in each locality, differ considerably in the different localities. In every instance they seem to combine characters found in A. androsaemifolium and A. cannabinum, but to present no new characters themselves. It seems wise at present to consider them of hybrid origin. Two principal types have been noted, as follows: (a) A form approaching A. urceolifer Miller, with long sepals equaling the tube of the corolla, and with glabrous foliage: gravelly bank by pumping station, Six Mile Creek (E, L. Palmer, also A. J. E. & L. H. MacDaniels). (b) A form approaching A. Milleri Britton, with short sepals and glabrous leaves: shale cliffs s. of Portland Point; shale talus along cliffs n. of Atwater. In both forms the corolla is distinctly more pinkish or more nearly pure white than in the greenish-white-flowered A. cannabinum and its varieties.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Apocynum floribundum (this list may be incomplete)
 Lansing, railroad tracks, 1/2 mile north of Esty Glen, in cinders and gravel, 28 May 1942, Eames 20576 (BH 12260);
 Lansing, south of Portland Point, dry shale cliffs, 6 Jul 1918, Eames 10619 (BH 12255);
 Lansing, north of Esty, dry shale cliffs and talus, 7 Jul 1919, Eames 12744 (BH 12254);
 Lansing, south of Portland Point, gravelly lake shore, 7 Jul 1919, Eames 12743 (BH 12259);
 Lansing, just north of Esty Glen, dry shale cliffs and talus, 7 Jul 1919, Eames 12744a (BH 12258);
 Lansing, north of Esty's, shale cliffs along lake, transitional to A. cannabinum. Corolla very white, often with faint lines of pink, not at all like the greenish white corolla of cannabinum of the shores; Longer than the ordinary forms. In growth appearing quite unlike A. cannabinumLonger than the ordina, 8 Jul 1918, Eames 10617 (BH 12253);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, south side of lower ravine, gravelly bank, 21 Jul 1915, Eames & McDaniels 4832 (BH 12256);
 Newfield, Carter Creek, Wildlife Preserve, near caretaker's house, gravelly roadside, corolla pure white, spreading, but not reflexed, 19 Jul 1942, Eames & Santacroce 20573 (BH 12261);
 Ithaca, by pumping station, dry gravelly bank, 24 Jun 1913, Palmer 963 (BH 12257);