Betula papyriferaMarsh.
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Canoe Birch, Mountain Paper Birch, Paper Birch, White Birch


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Acid or neutral well-drained soils; rare. May 15-30. Not known to Dudley, but clearly native at the top of the high hill 1.5 miles s. w. of West Danby, where it is abundant. It occurs also in considerable quantity just outside the Cayuga Lake Basin in the n. w. corner of Cayuta Township on the road from Ithaca to Elmira. A single small tree was found in a field, s. side of Fall Creek below Varna. Newf. to Alaska, southw. to Pa., Nebr., and Wash., including the northern Atlantic Coastal Plain. This species is doubtfully distinct from B. alba L., but in recent years has been more commonly so treated.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Betula papyrifera (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, Cornell Plantations, Arboretum, end of Plantations Road, bench overlook, tree, ca. 7 meters high, 23 May 2000, Borgardt 1120 (BH 78330);   VEmap  GOOmap
 Newfield, southeast corner, north slope of hilltop, 21 Aug 1919, Eames & Randolph 11918 (BH 12616);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, 11 Oct 1933, Ellis 696 (BH 47578);
 Connecticut Hill, Snyder School Tract, 16 Jul 1932, Muenscher 17815 (BH 12626);
 west of West Danby, on high hill, 28 Aug 1922, Muenscher & Bechtel 754 (BH 24344);
 Newfield, Connecticut Hill, 1.5 miles east of Cayuta Lake, 29 Jun 1923, Spring & Young 15058 (BH 12625);
 Connecticut Hill, summit, open woodland, 12 Oct 1933, Clausen 454 (BH 13357);
 Danby, at southwestern end of Thatcher's Pinnacles on small ridge of slope, 29 Apr 1945, Clausen 6551 (BH 13358);
 West Danby, top of large hill, 1.5 mile west of village, dry open woods, 25 Oct 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 3925 (BH 13362);
 Connecticut Hill, by Snyder School tract of University land, 19 May 1935, Muenscher 18807 (BH 13360);
 hillside southwest of Headwaters Swamp, 4 Jul 1926, Muenscher 16538 (BH 13355);
 Newfield, on high hill west of West Danby, 28 Aug 1922, Muenscher & Manning 14697 (BH 13361);
 Newfield, Connecticut Hill, 2 miles south of point of greatest elevation, 22 Jul 1941, Muenscher & Young 20375 (BH 13354);
 Danby, West Danby hills, 21 Aug 1919, Randolph & Eames (BH 13359);
 Ithaca, Forest Home, state road to Varna from Forest Home, hillside, lone tree, 3 Aug 1920, Wiegand 13505 (BH 13356);