Cardamine douglassiiBritt.
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Limestone Bittercress


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: In somewhat drier and more alluvial woodlands than C. bulbosa; frequent, locally very abundant. Apr. 20-May 15. Around swamp w. of Key Hill ; Inlet Valley, both s. and n. of Ithaca, abundant; Caroline Depot; Beech Woods, Six Mile Creek; Fall Creek; Ellis Hollow; along Fall Creek, above Freeville ; and elsewhere. Conn, to s. Ont. and Wis., southw. to Md. and Ky.; rare or absent on the Coastal Plain. No good characters have been found to separate this from C. bulbosa. The often-cited differences in shape of leaf are not apparent, and there is no constant difference in shape and size of flower, though the flowers of C. bulbosa are occasionally smaller. The differences in color of flower, pubescence, height, and time of flowering, are those of degree only, and one or more are frequently not evident. Perhaps color of flower and height are the most constant.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Cardamine douglassii (this list may be incomplete)
 Wycoff Swamp, 1 May 1951, Dilger WCD358 (BH 113203);
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells, Southeast Woods, wet, 27 May 1995, Dilger WCD1262 (BH 113201);
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells, east side of Southeast Woods, very damp, sun, 4 May 1995, Dilger WCD1238 (BH 113202);
 Dryden, east side of Sapsucker Woods along Pileated Trail just north of the Sapsucker Cairn, in open swale with shallow standing water inside a swampy forest, 7 Apr 2012, Dirig 8580 (BH 115237);
 Ithaca, 4 May 1919, Bailey (BH 13855);
 Ithaca, Forest Home, island between bridges, 23 May 1917, Bechtel 8206 (BH 13867);
 Ithaca, east of Forest Home, north bank of Fall Creek, 20 May 1905, Burnham 1387 (BH 13865);
 Dryden-Ithaca town line, north side of Fall Creek, on slope above rifle range, boggy place, 8 May 1935, Clausen 1627 (BH 13856);
 Ithaca, Spring Marsh, swamps, May 1871, Dudley (BH 13857);
 Dryden, Red Mills, Fall Creek, alluvial creek shore, 16 May 1919, Eames 12111 (BH 13863);
 Ithaca, above Buttermilk Creek, along west side of Inlet Stream, in silt, 3 May 1914, Eames 2405 (BH 13860);
 Caroline, 1.5 miles south of Caroline Depot, rich low woods, 6 May 1918, Eames 9947 (BH 13861);
 Ithaca, Renwick, alluvial woods, 8 May 1919, Eames 12112 (BH 13866);
 Ithaca, north of Lick Brook, low swampy place at foot of hill, 3 May 1914, Eames & Metcalf 2404 (BH 13859);
 Enfield, swamp above Enfield Falls, low woods, 3 May 1919, Eames & Wiegand 12113 (BH 13807);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, 22 Apr 1871, Jordan (BH 13868);
 Ithaca Flats, 22 Apr 1871, Jordan (BH 13869);
 Ithaca, woods, 5 May 1870, Jordan (BH 13858);
 Dryden, Freeville, George Junior Republic, west of railroad tracks, marsh, 14 Apr 1946, Loman (BH 9770);
 Ithaca, 15 Apr 1871, Rowlee (BH 13854);
 Ithaca, Beech Woods, 5 May 1914, Thomas & Davis 2406 (BH 13864);
 Dryden, below Varna, near cross-road, rich woods, 10 May 1914, Wiegand 2407 (BH 13862);
 Newfield, southwest of Key Hill, Newfield Creek, rich low woods, 17 May 1914, Wiegand & Metcalf 2408 (BH 13806);