Carex digitalisWilld.
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Slender Woodland Sedge


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Wooded slopes, in humus on clay-gravel or stony neutral soils ; locally common. June. Woods near Michigan Hollow Swamp; Inlet Valley, s. of mouth of Enfield Glen; Six Mile Creek; Cascadilla woods; Fall Creek Gorge; Cornell Heights; Renwick slope; Esty Glen; glen one mile s. of Willets; Howland Island; and elsewhere. Me. to Minn., southw. to Fla. and Tex.; rare or absent on the Coastal Plain. This species differs from C. laxiculmis in the narrower green leaves, in the smaller perigynia (2.5-2.8 mm long instead of 3-4 mm long), and in the absence of the one or two sterile flowers at the base of the pistillate spikes. The upper bracts usually exceed the staminate spikes. Intermediate forms between these species are occasional (var. copulata Bailey), combining various characters of the two plants. They strongly suggest a hybrid origin.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Carex digitalis (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, 26 May 1889, Bailey (BH 2456);
 Ithaca, 26 May 1889, Bailey (BH 2457);
 Ithaca, Inlet Valley, along state road, south of Enfield Creek, dry scrubby hillside, 3 Jun 1918, Bechtel & Wiegand 9491 (BH 3637);
 Danby Township, northeast corner, dry woods, under Ostrya and Quercus borealis, 27 Jun 1937, Clausen & Lawrence 2609 (BH 2458);
 west of Dryden Lake, dry wooded slope of Beam Hill, 11 Jul 1948, Clausen & Rogerson 7261 (BH 2454);
 Lansing, Burdick Glen (Esty Glen), 27 Jun 1878, Dudley (BH 2469);
 Lansing, Ludlowville, 6 Jun 1882, Dudley (BH 2464);
 Ithaca, Buttermilk Falls State Park, north crest of old Buttermilk Gorge, in woods, 13 Jun 1975, Krusi (BH 2470);
 near Ithaca, 1868, Lord (BH 2465);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek ravine, Amphitheater, rich wooded slope, 13 Jun 1917, Metcalf 7743 (BH 2462);
 Danby, near Michigan Hollow, woods, 6 Jun 1917, Metcalf 7744 (BH 2460);
 Ithaca, Cornell Heights, 14 Jun 1899, Rowlee (BH 2468);
 McLean, 30 Jul 1894, Rowlee (BH 2455);
 Town of Ithaca, at end of current Birchwood Dr (south) which is proposed to be extended. Approximately 0.05 miles east of Briarwood Drive, adjacent to road in open disturbed grassy area, 23 May 2008, Werier 3366 (BH 31925);
 Town of Ithaca, north of Hanshaw Rd, east of Briarwood Dr, west of Sapsucker Woods Rd, and south of Sanctuary Dr, mesic forest with Carex radiata, Polystichum acrostichoides, and Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmis, 24 Jun 2008, Werier 3414 (BH 31927);
 Town of Dryden, Hammond Hill State Forest, mesic forest, 25 Jun 2008, Werier 3420 (BH 31926);
 Ithaca, Eagle Hill, woods, 10 Jul 1893, Wiegand (BH 2463);
 Lansing, south of Esty Glen, hillside woods, 10 Jun 1919, Wiegand 11623 (BH 3636);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Heights, along lower state road, rich woods, 17 Jun 1916, Wiegand 6055 (BH 2459);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Woods, 4 Jun 1895, Wiegand (BH 2467);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek Ravine, back of Prudence Risley Hall, rich soil, 5 Jun 1914, Wiegand 1894 (BH 2473);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Heights, glen above Renwick, rich wooded slope, 31 May 1916, Wiegand & Metcalf 6057a (BH 2471);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Heights, above Renwick, wooded hillside, 21 May 1916, Wiegand & Metcalf 6057 (BH 2472);
 Ithaca, south of Van Natta Mill, border of rich woods and field, 6 Jun 1914, Wiegand & Thomas 1891 (BH 2461);