Carex lacustrisWilld.
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Hairy Sedge


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: As C. riparia Curt., var. lacustris (Willd.) Kuken. Swales and marshes, in mucky neutral or usually slightly calcareous soils; infrequent. June-July 10. Michigan Hollow Swamp; Inlet Valley, s. of Enfield Creek; Larch Meadow; Cayuta Lake; Indian Spring marsh; Ellis Hollow Swamp; Beaver Brook; McLean Bogs; Miller Bog, Spring Lake; arbor vitae swamp e. of Clyde. Newf. to Man. and Idaho, southw. to Fla., La., and Tex.; infrequent and local on the Coastal Plain. Found also in Eu.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Carex lacustris (this list may be incomplete)
 Danby, Michigan Hollow Swamp, 20 Jul 1915, anonymous (BH 2169);
 Newfield, Inlet Valley, south of Enfield Creek, by state road, swale, 3 Jun 1918, Bechtel & Wiegand 9530 (BH 2165);
 Dryden, Ellis Hollow, 29 May 1932, Clausen 290 (BH 2164);
 Town of Dryden, McLean Bogs Reserve, 1 mile north of Mud Pond near Argus Brook, 1 Aug 1997, Dirig 3118 (BH 6560);
 Town of Dryden, Memorial Bog preserve, owned by Cornell University, southeast of Fall Creek Road, west of McLean Road, south of Malloryville Road, in northeast corner of county, in wet open area underlain by marl, 28 Jun 1988, Dirig 2731 (BH 6569);
 McLean Bogs, Fitzpatrick Fen, on sphagnum hummock with Solidago spp., Osmunda regalis, Iris versicolor, Vaccinium spp., Cornus spp., sedges, 1.0 m tall., 27 Jun 2019, Dirig & BHSI 214 (BH 230303);
 Ithaca, west side of Cayuga Inlet, 20 Jun 1884, Dudley (BH 2168);
 Dryden, Ellis Hollow Swamp, 27 Jun 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 3648 (BH 6570);
 Danby, south end of Michigan Hollow Swamp, open swampy woods, 3 Jun 1913, Eames & MacDaniels 242 (BH 2166);
 Ithaca, 1 Jul 1893, Rowlee (BH 2163);
 Ithaca, Fleming Meadow, 1 Jun 1893, Rowlee (BH 2160);
 near Ithaca, McLean Bogs, 17 Jun 1937, Wahl 35207 (BH 2162);
 Ithaca, Indian Spring Marsh, 3 Jun 1893, Wiegand (BH 2157);
 Ithaca, Renwick Park, 6 Jun 1895, Wiegand (BH 2158);
 Ithaca, Larch Meadows, 8 Jun 1896, Wiegand (BH 2159);
 Dryden, north of Round Marshes, swale, 3 Jun 1919, Wiegand & Randolph 11672 (BH 2167);
 without locality, , Wright (BH 2161);