Carex platyphyllaCarey
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Broadleaf Sedge


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Dry wooded slopes and banks, in gravelly calcareous soils; not uncommon. June 1-15. In most of the ravines of the basin, and in other localities in the proper soils. Que. (?) and s. Me. to Mich., southw. to Va. and Ill.; rare or absent on the Coastal Plain. Dudley recognized an unnamed variety of this species, but it seems impossible to retain this as distinct from the typical form.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Carex platyphylla (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, 5 May 1889, Bailey (BH 2428);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek ravine, 7 May 1932, Clausen 286 (BH 2424);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek ravine, 21 Jun, Dudley (BH 2427);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, 3 Jun 1883, Dudley (BH 2430);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, May 1872, Dudley (BH 2434);
 Ithaca, 1868, Lord (BH 2431);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek Ravine, rich wooded slope, 13 Jun 1917, Metcalf 7741 (BH 2426);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, rich woodland, 4 Jul 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 95 (BH 2429);
 north of Esty Glen, above lake cliffs, woods, 19 May 1934, Quimby & Clausen 1079 (BH 2425);
 Ithaca, Valley of Six Mile Creek, above Van Natta's Mill, 6 Jun 1914, Thomas 1887 (BH 2433);
 Lansing, south of Esty Glen, dry hillside woods, 10 Jun 1919, Wiegand 11618 (BH 2423);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, opposite Beech Woods, 14 Jun 1919, Wiegand 11619 (BH 6525);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, 17 May 1895, Wiegand (BH 2432);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek Ravine, back of Prudence Risley Hall, rich slope, 5 Jun 1914, Wiegand 1886 (BH 6524);


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