Carex umbellataSchkuhr ex Willd.
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Parasol Sedge


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Dry sandy or gravelly sterile exposed hillsides, in neutral or acid soils; common. May; the earliest-fruiting species in this locality. Top of hill, North Spencer; North Pinnacle, Caroline; Buttermilk Glen; Fall Creek Drive, Ithaca; Renwick slope; and elsewhere. P. E. I. and Me. to B.C. southw. to N. J., D. C, and Okla., including the Atlantic Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Carex umbellata (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, South Hill, halfway up hill, open dry gravelly field, 23 May 1916, Bechtel & Wiegand 6031 (BH 23551);
 Lansing, Esty Glen, dry cliffs, 4 May 1919, Wiegand 11603 (BH 23545);
 Ithaca, 26 May 1889, Bailey (BH 5272);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Heights, above Renwick, dry hillside, 31 May 1916, Bechtel & Metcalf 6032 (BH 5284);
 Caroline, South Pinnacle, exposed crest, 18 May 1954, Clausen (BH 5266);
 Ithaca, Buttermilk Ravine, dry woods, 13 May 1919, Eames 11601 (BH 6548);
 Caroline, North Pinnacle, dry talus slope, 8 May 1919, Eames 11604 (BH 23546);
 Ithaca, lower Enfield Ravine, along state road, 4 May 1919, Eames & Wiegand 11602 (BH 6549);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek Ravine, Amphitheater east of Van Natta's Dam, 10 May 1976, Handel (BH 5274);
 Ithaca, near Remington Salt Plant, east of Lake View House, 3 Jun 1882, Kilborne (BH 23549);
 Ithaca, South Hill, dry pastured hillside, 6 May 1919, Randolph (BH 5290);
 Ithaca, 10 May 1894, Rowlee (BH 5276);
 hillside between West Danby and Newfield, under chestnut trees, 16 May 1894, Rowlee (BH 5268);
 Dryden, between Ringwood and Yellow Barn Hill Roads, below power line, dry soil, cleared area, 23 Apr 1976, Standley 76-26 (BH 5271);
 Ithaca, Renwick slope near salt works, open dry sterile places, 1 Jun 1919, Wiegand 11600 (BH 23550);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Woods, near Professor Bristol's, 21 May 1895, Wiegand (BH 23547);