Chenopodium glaucumL.
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Oakleaf Goosefoot


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: A weed of sandy or gravelly waste places, mostly in neutral soils; scarce. June 20-Aug. Railroad yards, Ithaca, East Ithaca, and Freeville; Myers Point (abundant, 1918); railroad tracks at Cayuga Branch; muddy strand of Cayuga Lake opposite Cayuga; bed of abandoned canal n. of Cayuga; and elsewhere. Almost throughout N.A., except in the extreme North. Native of Eu.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Chenopodium glaucum (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, 27 Jul 1934, anonymous (BH 248488);
 Ithaca, East Ithaca, railroad tracks, 9 Aug 1919, Bechtel 11996 (BH 1152);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, dumping place north of Poultry building, 29 Jul 1930, Burnham 17473 (BH 1151);
 Lansing, Myers Point, gravelly beach, 12 Jun 1918, Eames 9850 (BH 1153);
 Dryden, north of Freeville, around Freeville Station, in gravel and cinders, 13 Aug 1916, Eames 6376 (BH 1156);
 Dryden, north of Freeville, near station, in gravel, 20 Aug 1915, Edminster 4006 (BH 1157);
 Lansing, Salt Works, Ludlowville Point, edge of dried up pool from drainage of salt works, 30 Aug 1927, Muenscher & Burkholder 16949 (BH 1148);
 City of Ithaca, Spencer Rd. at traffic circle connecting Old Elmyra Rd. and Albany St., at edge of sidewalk on occasionally mowed grassy plot, in flower, 2 Aug 2016, Tal 9048 (BH 108578);
 Dryden, Freeville, by station, gravel, 30 Aug 1915, Thomas 4007 (BH 15342);
 Groton, McLean, Stevens Road, vegetable garden, 25 Jun 1982, Wesley FRW1440 (BH 15341);
 Groton, McLean, Stevens Road, vegetable garden, 25 Jun 1982, Wesley FRW1442 (BH 1158);
 Groton, McLean, Stevens Road, vegetable garden, 25 Jun 1982, Wesley FRW1441 (BH 1159);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, Willard Straight Hall, weedy planter box, 9 Sep 1977, Wesley FRW1256 (BH 1154);
 Ithaca, Delaware Lakawanna and Western Railroad yards, 12 Aug 1914, Wiegand 2245 (BH 1155);
 Dryden, Freeville, Lehigh railroad tracks, 25 Jul 1917, Wiegand 8043 (BH 1149);
 without locality, 10 Aug 1904, Wiegand & Cipperly (BH 1150);