Cirsium pumilum(Nutt.) Spreng.
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Pasture Thistle


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Fields and pastures, usually in dry sandy or gravelly acid soils, rarely in more alkaline gravels ; frequent. July-Sept. Confined chiefly to the hills s. w., s., and s. e. of Ithaca: n. of Spencer Lake, and hill pasture n. w. of North Spencer ; e. of South Pinnacle (D.) and n. of North Pinnacle, Caroline; s. e. of Brookton; South Hill (D. !) ; near Coy Glen; n. of Fall Creek (D. !) ; Ringwood; and elsewhere. Me. to N. Y., southw. to S. C. and W. Va., including the Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Cirsium pumilum (this list may be incomplete)
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, south Ridge Road, west side. See map on sheet, 17 Aug 2004, Dilger FWNP2069 (BH 112800);
 Ithaca, Buttermilk Glen, pasture, 4 Aug 1918, Randolph (BH 21582);

SPECIMENS OF Cirsium pumilum var. pumilum
 near Ithaca, 21 Jul 1921, Bailey (BH 21525);
 Ithaca, along Highland Avenue, roadside, rose-lilac, 29 Jul 1923, Bailey (BH 21524);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, 9 Aug 1876, Dudley (BH 21523);
 Dryden, northeast end of Ringwood Hollow, pasture, 18 Aug 1917, Gershoy & Wann 8982 (BH 21520);
 Ithaca, millside near Coy Glen, dry pasture, 9 Aug 1915, MacDaniels 5313 (BH 21584);
 Ithaca, Coy Glen, 18 Jul 1914, Metcalf & Wiegand 3316 (BH 21519);
 Brooktondale, below Beech Woods, hillside, 24 Jul 1918, Randolph (BH 21583);
 Slaterville, 18 Sep 1903, Rowlee & Wiegand (BH 21522);
 Danby, northwest corner of Michigan Hollow, pasture, 23 Jul 1893, Wiegand (BH 21521);


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