Conopholis americana(L.) Wallr.
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American Cancer-root


BH SPECIMENS FOR Conopholis americana (this list may be incomplete)
 Danby Township, Danby, on slope northeast of Fir Tree Swamp, woods, 21 Jul 1945, Clausen 6638 (BH 7825);
 Dryden Township, region of tributary 56 of Six Mile Creek, beside old log in woods of Fagus and Quercus, capsules white; seeds black, 22 Jul 1944, Clausen 6363 (BH 7823);
 City of Ithaca, Cornell University Plantations Flat Rock Natural Area, Hertel Basin, north side of Six Mile Creek, 31 Aug 2011, Cobb (BH 42502);
 City of Ithaca, Cornell University Plantations Flat Rock Natural Area, Hertel Basin, north side of Six Mile Creek, 31 Aug 2011, Cobb (BH 42501);
 Dryden township, Ringwood Preserve owned by Cornell University, west of Ringwood Road, at western rim of mucky basin, a small colony of plants, plants ivory when fresh, 4 Jul 1995, Dirig 3011 (BH 7826);
 Town of Ithaca, northeast rim of Six Mile Creek gorge, south of the junction of Rt. 79 and Pine Tree Road, on sunlit cliff in duff, 23 Apr 1989, Dirig & Luckow 2846 (BH 7817);
 Town of Ithaca, just southwest of Ithaca, on southwest side of Culver Road, woodland, in acid leaf mold under oaks, clumped stems, whole plant light tan in color, 9 Jul 1961, Dress 5967 (BH 7828);
 Town of Dryden, Turkey Hill, woods, 11 Jul 1878, Dudley (BH 7815);
 Dryden, one mile south of Dryden Lake, chestnut woods, 20 Jul 1919, Eames & Randolph (BH 7816);
 Danby Township, 3 km east southeast of Danby, on steep slope, bracts white with brown tips, corolla white, 10 Jun 1945, Gaertner 6605 (BH 7824);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, northeast of Rifle Range, in thicket, 10 Aug 1917, Gershoy 8784 (BH 7818);
 Ithaca, north of Hanshaw macadam road, woodland, on Acer rubrum roots, 20 Jul 1917, Gershoy & Bechtel 8786 (BH 7819);
 Dryden, southeast of Ringwood Hollow, damp woods, 18 Aug 1917, Gershoy & Wann 8785 (BH 7821);
 Ithaca, south side of Coy Glen, towards top of bank, oak-chestnut woods, 22 Jun 1927, Honey 17030 (BH 7820);
 Dryden, Turkey Hill, rich deciduous woods, 27 Jul 1915, MacDaniels 4977 (BH 7822);
 Ithaca, along Fall Creek, rich woods, 10 Jun 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 353 (BH 7827);
 Town of Dryden, 2.85 km south southwest of Dryden, on Beam Hill, moderately drained, stony silt loam, under red oak tree beside road, 3 Jul 1956, Shetler 1 (BH 7814);
 Town of Danby, Danby State Forest, Abbott Loop Trail, 2.5 miles south of Danby, 1800 feet west of Michigan Hollow Rd., dry upland forest, red oak dominant in canopy, beech in understory, hemlock present, 22 Jun 2019, Winick 37 (BH 261490);   VEmap  GOOmap
 Ithaca, South Hill, Troy Road, on property of F.L. Eldridge, in ravine, 27 Jul 1958, anonymous (BH 7829);
 Town of Dryden, Sapsucker Woods Sanctuary, deciduous forest, 14 Jun 1972, Clarke FRW127 PRC (BH 7151);