Hackelia virginiana(L.) Johnst.
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CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Woodlands and thickets, in rich soil, generally in loam, clay, or alluvium; common. July 10-Aug. 15. Generally distributed throughout the basin, in the ravines and in rather damp rich woodlands; rare in acid soils, as at Key Hill and in sandy woods on e. shore of Vandemark Pond. Me. and w. Que. to Minn., southw. to Ga., La., Nebr., and Kans. ; infrequent or rare on the Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Hackelia virginiana (this list may be incomplete)
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, north of front door of Farm House, part sun, flowers white, 11 Aug 2009, Dilger FWNP2329 (BH 112918);
 Ithaca, Buttermilk Falls State Park, by lower swimming area, edge of woods, 16 Jul 2007, Trigoboff 0780 (BH 61211);
 south of Ithaca, Enfield Falls, 1 Aug 1908, Brown (BH 13492);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, between Plant Science and Beebe Lake, wooded slope, 12 Oct 1936, Burnham 19448 (BH 13487);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, Jul 1875, Dudley 626 (BH 13489);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Ravine, Cascadilla Woods, 15 Sep 1920, Eames 13788 (BH 13486);
 Newfield, Key Hill, woods, 12 Aug 1917, Gershoy 8663 (BH 13493);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek Ravine, Forest Home walk, 30 Jul 1917, Gershoy 8662 (BH 13491);
 Ulysses, Taughannock Point, rich soil, 7 Aug 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 487 (BH 13485);
 Ithaca, east of Green Tree Falls, south side of Six Mile Creek, rich bank, 29 Jul 1913, Palmer 993 (BH 13474);
 Newfield, Arnot Forest, Lot #51, north facing slope, 4 Aug 1975, Russell 1 (BH 28317);
 Fall Creek flats, 14 Jul 1896, Wiegand (BH 13490);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, 25 Jul 1904, Wiegand & Cipperly (BH 13488);


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