Hieracium paniculatumL.
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Allegheny Hawkweed


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Dry open woodlands and thickets, in gravelly, nearly neutral, sterile soils, apparently preferring slightly less acid soil than the last preceding species; frequent. Aug.-Sept. 10. S. side of Enfield Glen; Six Mile Creek; Forest Home path; West Hill; Ringwood; hilltops s. of Dryden Lake ; region of McLean Bogs ; near Chicago Bog ; s. side of Salmon Creek valley ; and elsewhere. N. S. and cent. Me. to Mich., southw. to Ga. and Ala., including the northern Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Hieracium paniculatum (this list may be incomplete)
 Dryden, Ringwood, dry woods, 25 Aug 1932, Clausen 978 (BH 22122);
 Ithaca, West Hill, woods, Oct 1874, Dudley (BH 22124);
 Enfield, south side of ravine, dry open woods, 27 Aug 1917, Eames 9005 (BH 22129);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, south side of creek, open woods along path, 23 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5352 (BH 22127);
 Ithaca, south side of Six Mile Creek, along path, open woods, 23 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5352 (BH 66914);
 Dryden, east of Ringwood Hollow, roadside, 11 Aug 1917, Gershoy 9004 (BH 22128);
 Round Marshes (Gracie's Swamp), along southeast corner of McLean Preserve, in woods, 24 Aug 1924, Muenscher 16015 (BH 22126);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, 28 Aug 1916, Rowlee & Dunlap (BH 22125);
 Ithaca, west side of Cayuga Lake, along road, 10 Aug 1904, Wiegand & Cipperly (BH 22123);
 Dryden, hillside southwest of Dryden Lake, dry woods, 20 Jul 1919, Eames & Randolph 13249 (BH 22121);


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