Lonicera xylosteumL.
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Dwarf Honeysuckle, European Fly Honeysuckle, Fly Honeysuckle


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Borders of thickets and in dry scrubby fields; occasional. May 25-June 5. South Hill, by railroad near North Quarry, and s. of the quarry (D.); D.,L. & W. R. R. along lower switchback, e. of Hudson St., Ithaca, 1894 (K. M. W.); C. U. campus, West Ave., 1915, and armory woods, 1915; Cayuga Lake shore between McKinneys and Esty, 1916 (A. R. Bechtel & K. M. W.). Escaped from cultivation. Native of Europe.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Lonicera xylosteum (this list may be incomplete)
 Lansing, halfway between Esty and McKinneys, Cayuga Lake, at edge of water, 30 May 1916, Bechtel & Wiegand 7186 (BH 10562);
 Ithaca, Renwick Slope, southern crest of ravine of Renwick Brook, 24 Apr 1924, Clausen 6547 (BH 10548);
 Ithaca, South Hill, 21 May 1880, Curtice (BH 10560);
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, north side of Neimi Road near entrance to Beech Road, 24 May 2006, Dilger FWNP2215 (BH 113147);
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Ridge Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, south of Scots Pines. See map on sheet, twigs and underside of leaves gray, hairy, pith hollow, 27 May 1999, Dilger WCD1590 (BH 113146);
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, near chicken house, flowers yellow and white, fruit red, 28 Jun 1996, Dilger WCD1375 (BH 113145);
 Ithaca, South Hill, by railroad track, 4 Jun 1882, Dudley (BH 10564);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Ravine, behind Armory, edge of woods, 27 May 1915, Eames 5020 (BH 10561);
 Ithaca, Cornell University campus, along West Avenue, 27 May 1915, Eames 5019 (BH 10565);
 Ithaca, Cornell University, Comstock Knoll, Sprayed with 2-4-D in 1945, 1946, Pridham (BH 10563);
 north of McKinneys, along Cayuga Lake shore, 21 May 1934, Quimby & Clausen 1180 (BH 10566);
 Ithaca, South Hill, along Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad opposite Van Natta Mill, 20 Jul 1914, Wiegand 3182 (BH 10559);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, near magnolia tree, 28 May 1893, Wiegand (BH 10550);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, Risley Hall, 27 May 1944, Wilkinson 663 (BH 10549);