Polymnia canadensisL.
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Whiteflower Leafcup


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Wooded slopes and bottom-lands, in limy regions ; scarce. Aug. Slope of North Pinnacle, Caroline (D.!) ; Enfield Glen; Negundo Woods (D.) ; lower Six Mile Creek; ravine of Ferris Brook (D.!); ravine near Elm Beach, Romulus; Paine Creek; Grove Creek; cedar swamp in Tyre (D.). W. Vt. to Minn., southw. to N. C, Tenn., and Ark. ; rare or absent on the Coastal Plain. A plant primarily of the Mississippi Valley.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Polymnia canadensis (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, Cornell Campus, Negundo Woods, 15 Sep 1873, anonymous (BH 66952);
 Town of Ithaca, Negundo Woods, 29 Sep 1874, anonymous (BH 22373);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, below Hospital Bridge, Six Mile Creek, rocky north bank of ravine, 5 Sep 1948, Clausen 7314 (BH 22370);
 Ithaca, glen of Six Mile Creek, near 129 State Street, 25 Sep 1884, Coville (BH 22377);
 Ithaca, Negundo Woods, rich woods, 7 Aug 1875, Dudley (BH 22375);
 Ithaca, Enfield Ravine, Rich thicket, 10 Jul 1915, Eames 5263 (BH 22372);
 Ithaca, Enfield Ravine, Open alluvial woods along ravine, 5 Sep 1915, Eames 5262 (BH 22374);
 Ithaca, Six Mile Creek, lumber yards, in ravine, 4 Sep 1916, Metcalf 7282 (BH 22376);
 Ithaca, Enfield Gorge, 4 Sep 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 713 (BH 22368);
 Ithaca, 16 Sep 1873, Rowlee (BH 22369);
 Caroline, southeast of railroad junction, woods, at foot of hill, 24 Jul 1918, Wiegand 10981 (BH 22371);
 Enfield, Enfield Ravine, Gravelly bank, 12 Jul 1919, Randolph 13153 (BH 22378);
 Caroline, lower face of north pinnacle, 24 Jul 1918, Randolph (BH 110089);


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