Rorippa palustris(L.) Besser
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Bog Yellowcress, Fernald's Yellowcress, Hispid Yellowcress


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Low open grounds, in rich bottom-land soils, rarely in drier waste soils ; frequent. June 20-Sept. Spencer Lake; Hudson St., South Hill, Ithaca; Cascadilla Glen (D.!) ; Ithaca flats; Cortland marl ponds (D.) ; and elsewhere. Generally distributed almost throughout N. A. except in the extreme North. Found also in Eurasia. R. palustris subsp. hispida: In situations similar to the preceding ; more frequent. Summit Marsh (D.) ; Ithaca flats (D.!); Ellis Hollow; Cayuga Marshes (D.); and elsewhere. Newf. to Alaska, southw. to Fla. and N. Mex. Found also in Eurasia.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Rorippa palustris (this list may be incomplete)
 Etna, edge of pond, 6 Jun 1921, Bailey (BH 15681);

SPECIMENS OF Rorippa palustris subsp. hispida
 Ithaca, Renwick, 20 Oct 1911, anonymous (BH 15668);
 McLean, along railroad track, 21 Jul 1920, Bailey (BH 15683);
 Fall Creek, marsh, 15 Jul 1883, Dudley (BH 15672);
 Ithaca, Fall Creek, low grounds, Jul 1875, Dudley (BH 15671);
 Dryden, Ellis Hollow Swamp, by stream, 26 Jun 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 4186 (BH 15670);
 Ithaca, Lehigh Valley Railroad freight yards, waste soil, 4 Aug 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 4185 (BH 15669);
 Ulysses, Taughannock Point, 7 Aug 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 490 (BH 15680);
 Ithaca, between the city and Cayuga lake west of the Inlet, open alluvial and marshy flats, 7 Aug 1913, Palmer 569 (BH 15675);
 Ithaca, Renwick Park, 29 Jun 1904, Wiegand & Cipperly (BH 15673);
 Town of Dryden, Freeville, 30 Jun 1904, Wiegand & Cipperly (BH 15674);

SPECIMENS OF Rorippa palustris subsp. palustris
 Ithaca, South Hill, Hudson Street, roadside, 12 Jul 1915, Bailey (BH 15676);
 Ithaca, west of Inlet, southern shore of Cayuga Lake, mud, Petals yellow, 8 Aug 1942, Clausen 5888 (BH 15666);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Creek, near girls playground, 11 Jul 1917, Bechtel 8176 (BH 15677);
 Ithaca, L.V.R.R. Freight Yards, waste ground, 4 Aug 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 4184 (BH 15678);
 Town of Ithaca, Buttermilk Falls State Park, Lake Treman, at the south end, gravel bar in lake, 2 Jul 1976, Krusi (BH 15667);
 Ithaca, between the city and Cayuga lake west of the Inlet, West Marsh, wet land, 25 Jul 1913, Palmer 568 (BH 15679);


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