Salix petiolarisSm.
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Meadow Willow


BH SPECIMENS FOR Salix petiolaris (this list may be incomplete)
 Town of Dryden, 107 Neimi Road, Five Wells Nature Preserve, in power line clearing just north of Neimi Road, damp, sun, 2 Aug 2005, Dilger FWNP2153 (BH 112313);
 Ithaca, south of Fall Creek, southwest corner of Circus Common, female, 7 May 1885, Dudley (BH 19755);
 Town of Danby, Michigan Hollow, edge of pond, Female, 30 May 1919, Randolph & Wiegand (BH 109090);
 Ithaca, edge of Flemming Meadow, poorly drained soil, shrub to 2 meters, bark gray, 3 May 1953, Clausen (BH 19752);
 Town of Lansing, southwest of Brown Road, east of Waren Road, north of Rt. 13, near Langmuir Lab, Cornell campus, at edge of paved parking lot, with a cluster of Mourning Cloak Butterfly (Nymphalis antiopa) larvae feeding on it, large shrub, 18 Jun 1975, Dirig 2581 (BH 19766);
 Newfield, Headwaters Swamp of Enfield Creek, west of Key Hill, boggy meadow, branch with flowers, 21 May 1919, Eames 9769 (BH 19754);
 Dryden, south margin of Woodwardia Swamp, 26 Jul 1919, Eames 11894 (BH 19753);
 Ithaca, just north of bridge on Aurora Street by corner of Gypsie Common, 2 May 1885, Moore (BH 19962);
 Ithaca, sandbank by Lake Street under (?) woods, female, 29 May 1885, Rowlee (BH 19763);
 Danby, Michigan Hollow Swamp, 20 Jul 1917, Rowlee & Palmer (BH 19765);
 Danby, Jennings Pond, 30 May 1919, Wiegand 11893 (BH 19764);


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