Silene antirrhinaL.
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Sleepy Silene


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Open dry gravelly, chiefly neutral, soils; frequent. May 15-June. N.w. of Enfield Falls; junction of Inlet and Enfield Creek; near mouth of Enfield Glen; railroad ballast n.e. of Buttermilk Falls; railroad s. of Ithaca (D.); flats near C. U. boathouse; C.U. campus; Cascadilla woods, abundant, 1885 (D.); near Esty Glen; near McKinneys (D.). Me. to B.C., southw. to Fla. and Mex., including the Atlantic Coastal Plain. The early rarity of this species in the Cayuga Lake Basin and its recent increase in frequency suggest that it may not be native here.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Silene antirrhina (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, Cornell University campus, between Plant Science Bldg. and greenhouses, yard, 1 Jun 1933, Burnham X18322 (BH 150262);
 Enfield Falls Reservation, near Newfield Road, near Ithaca, open sunny field, 16 Jul 1920, Bailey (BH 15184);
 Ithaca, Cayuga Lake shore, 26 Jul 1876, Dudley (BH 15183);
 Ithaca, mouth of Enfield Ravine, gravelly field, 12 Jul 1919, Eames 12018 (BH 15190);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, in front of Poultry Building, roadside, 16 Jul 1915, Eames & Thomas 4028 (BH 15195);
 Ithaca, road to Enfield Gorge, roadside, 11 Jul 1917, Gershoy 8085 (BH 15189);
 Enfield, north west of Enfield Falls, in meadow, 11 Jul 1917, Gershoy 8086 (BH 15192);
 Ithaca, Cornell University Campus, north side of Veterinary College, waste ground, 28 Jun 1916, Gershoy 6421 (BH 15194);
 Ithaca, 27 May 1878, Kilborne (BH 15185);
 Ithaca, flats near Cornell Boathouse, in poor soil of road, 12 Jul 1916, Metcalf 6422 (BH 15186);
 Ithaca, Lehigh Valley freight yards, 21 Jul 1927, Muenscher 16952 (BH 15191);
 East Ithaca, Cornell University, Vegetable Crops Gardens, Jun 1944, Muenscher & Brown 21010 (BH 15187);
 Ithaca, half-mile northeast of Buttermilk Ravine, ballast along Lackawana Railroad, 8 Jun 1915, Thomas 4029 (BH 15199);
 Newfield: corner of West Danby and Newfield state roads, field, Petals very small, cream color, 11 Jun 1919, Wiegand 12017 (BH 15188);
 Ithaca, Cascadilla Ravine, 13 Jun 1894, Wiegand (BH 15198);
 Lansing, road near Esty Glen, rocky bank, 25 Jul 1914, Wiegand 2267 (BH 15197);
 Ithaca, corner of Inlet and Enfield Creek, gravelly bar, 3 Jun 1918, Wiegand & Bechtel 9879 (BH 15200);
 Landsing, near Esty, between railroad and lake, dry cinder bank, 7 Jul 1917, Wiegand & Bechtel 8087 (BH 15193);
 Lansing, Esty Glen, wooded hillside, 8 Jul 1914, Wiegand & Metcalf 2268 (BH 15196);