Sium suaveWalt.
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Water-parsnip, Hemlock Waterparsnip


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: In the shallow water of swamps, marshes, and ditches, in mucky or alluvial soils; frequent. %0D%0AFr. Sept.-Oct. Inlet Marshes; Malloryvillc Bog; Cayuga Marshes; Montezuma; and elsewhere. %0D%0ANewf. to B. C, southw. to Fla., La., and Calif.; frequent along the coast. A very peculiar plant, with flowers, fruit, and involucels of this species, but with oblong-lanceolate, irregularly, coarsely, and less sharply toothed leaflets, the terminal ones sometimes lobed, was found by Dudley in ditches near the fair grounds (Cayuga Flora, no. 353). A specimen of this is in the herbarium of Cornell University and another is in the Gray Herbarium. The form has not been seen since, and neither have other specimens of a similar nature been seen in other herbaria.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Sium suave (this list may be incomplete)
 Ithaca, southwest corner of Cayuga Lake, in marsh, 24 Sep 1932, Muenscher 18080 (BH 24273);
 McLean, Chicago Station, ponds, 30 May 1905, Burnham 1387 (BH 12781);
 West Danby, 1 mile south, along railroad, marsh, 8 Jun 1953, Cook (BH 12780);
 Dryden, Cornell University's Lloyd-Cornell Preserve northwest side of Ringwood, 0-0.75 mile southwest of its jct. with Mineah Road, edge of Swamp A, herb, 22 Sep 2005, Dirig & Cope 7697 (BH 12777);
 Ithaca, near Esty tannery, ditch, 26 Jul 1886, Dudley (BH 12778);
 Ithaca, between the city and Cayuga Lake, west of the Inlet, open alluvial and marshy flats, swale, 4 Aug 1915, Eames & McDaniels 4683 (BH 12779);
 Ithaca, Hanshaw/Niemi Roads, 19 Aug 1974, Feeny & Contardo (BH 109540);
 Ithaca, southwest corner of Cayuga Lake, in marsh, 24 Sep 1932, Muenscher 18080 (BH );
 Ithaca, Inlet Flats, in marsh, 25 Aug 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 598 (BH 12781);
 Ithaca, Ellis Road, 30 Jul 1972, Rehr (BH 12783);
 Dryden, Malloryville Bog, swampy woods, 30 Aug 1915, Thomas 4684 (BH 24274);


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