Solidago uliginosaNutt.
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Bog Goldenrod


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: As S. unigulata (DC.) Porter: Boggy and springy places, usually in marly soil; scarce. Sept.-Oct. 15. Mud Pond, McLean Bogs; Newton and Lowery Ponds (D.!) ; Crusoe Prairie; Spring Lake; Westbury Bog. Newf. to Ont. and Ill., southw. to N. J. and Pa., including the Coastal Plain. As S. unigulata (DC.) Porter var. neglecta (T. & G.) Fernald: Habitat similar to the preceding; occasional. Aug. 10-Sept. Larch Meadow (D.!) ; Mud Creek, Freeville; boggy field, Malloryville; vicinity of McLean Bogs (D.). N. S. to Wis., southw. to Md. and Ill., including the Coastal Plain. No good specific lines can be drawn between the species and its broader-leaved variety; not even the difference in number of rays seems constant. Plants of this species with narrow panicles are frequently confused with S. humilis. Stations in the Cayuga Lake Basin are all more or less limy, though both this plant and the typical form are at least frequent in the more acid soils of the Coastal Plain.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Solidago uliginosa (this list may be incomplete)
 Dryden, Malloryville Marsh, 31 Aug 1875, anonymous (BH 29084);
 Ithaca, Larch Swamp, 8 Sep 1875, anonymous 431 (BH 29089);
 Dryden, upper part of Mud Creek, springs, 9 Sep 1880, anonymous 435 (BH 29078);
 Dryden, margin of Mud Pond, 13 Sep 1917, Bechtel & Wiegand 8896 (BH 29088);
 Ithaca, Larch Meadow, 22 Sep 1913, Brown 1203 (BH 29079);
 Dryden, near Malloryville, peat swamp, 31 Aug 1875, Dudley (BH 29083);
 Dryden, Mud Creek, 30 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5115 (BH 29081);
 Dryden, Malloryville Bog, boggy field, 30 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5101a (BH 29090);
 Dryden, Malloryville Bog, boggy field, 30 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5101a (BH 29085);
 Dryden, Malloryville Bog, boggy field, 30 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5101a (BH 29092);
 Dryden, along Mud Creek, open sedgy moor, 30 Aug 1915, Eames & Thomas 5116 (BH 66943);
 Dryden, Mud Creek Swamp, 1 Sep 1919, Eames & Wiegand 13001 (BH 29091);
 Dryden, McLean Bogs, 6 Aug 1921, Grant (BH 29086);
 McLean Preserve, about Mud Pond, bog, 22 Sep 1935, Hunt & Clausen 2093 (BH 29077);
 Dryden, McLean Bogs, 4 Sep 1920, Muenscher & Bechtel 656 (BH 29075);
 McLean, near McLean Bogs, Mud Pond, 4 Sep 1920, Randolph (BH 22670);
 Ithaca, Larch Meadow, 8 Sep 1875, Rowlee (BH 29080);
 Freeville, Mud Creek, Aug 1891, Rowlee (BH 29087);
 Dryden, Malloryville Swamp, 6 Sep 1916, Rowlee & Dunlap (BH 29082);
 Dryden, between Sweetland Road and McLean Preserve, open rich fen in depression, 16 Sep 1988, Wesley FRW1738 (BH 29076);