Stellaria borealisBigel.
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Boreal Starwort


CAYUGA FLORA (1926) NOTES: Springy mossy places, with little reference to lime content of the soil though many of the local stations are calcareous; infrequent. June. Hillside n. of station, North Spencer; e. bank of Michigan Creek; Michigan Hollow Swamp; s. e. of Brookton; South Hill (D.); Mud Creek, Freeville; Freeville Bog; McLean Bogs; Beaver Brook (D.) ; swamp, West Dryden; arbor vitae swamp e. of Clyde. Newf. and Lab. to Alaska, southw. to n. N.J., Pa., Mich., Minn., Colo., and Calif.; infrequent or rare on the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Found also in Eurasia. Several varieties are recognized by Fernald (Rhodora 16:150. 1914), of which three are found in the Cayuga Lake Basin, the typical form, the var. isophylla Fernald, and the var. floribunda Fernald. The differences, however, are very slight, and such as might readily be due to environment. These tendencies seem scarcely sufficient to make the forms worthy of varietal rank.

BH SPECIMENS FOR Stellaria borealis (this list may be incomplete)
 Freeville, bog, 15 Jun 1875, Eames (BH 67116);
 Danby, northeast corner of township, 27 Jun 1937, Clausen & Lawrence 2619 (BH 15270);
 McLean, 24 May 1884, Coville (BH 15274);
 Dryden, Round Marshes, 30 Jun 1882, Dudley (BH 15280);
 Ithaca, 4 Jun 1881, Dudley (BH 15276);
 Dryden, Round Marshes (Gracie's Swamp), in sphagnum, under Vaccinium corymbosum, 14 Jul 1915, Eames & MacDaniels 4017 (BH 15272);
 Caroline, in hills southeast of Brookton, by saw mill in glen, spring, 24 Jul 1918, Eames & Wiegand 9871 (BH 15268);
 Danby, Michigan Creek, east bank, moist hillside, 20 Jun 1917, Metcalf & Gershoy 8070 (BH 15275);
 Dryden, Ellis Hollow Swamp, 27 May 1919, Randolph (BH 15271);
 Slaterville, Willow Creek Swamp, 18 Sep 1903, Rowlee & Wiegand (BH 15279);
 Dryden, Round Marshes, 30 May 1896, Wiegand (BH 15269);
 Danby, Michigan Hollow Swamp, 30 May 1919, Wiegand 12008 (BH 15267);
 Dryden, Mud Creek, boggy soil, 31 May 1914, Wiegand 2264 (BH 15273);