MATRIX: fernfamily4.winc TAXA: 145 CHARS: 87
Total matched taxa: 145

Character 4


  •  absent
  • Dryopteridaceae Elaphoglossum correaePolypodiaceae Polypodium
  •  false indusium
  • Dennstaedtiaceae Histiopteris incisaPteridaceae Adiantum andicola
  •  reniform-circular
  • Dryopteridaceae Dryopteris tokyoensis
  •  linear
  • Blechnaceae Blechnum polypodioidesAspleniaceae Asplenium monanthes
  •  two-lobed
  • Culcitaceae Culcita coniifoliaHymenophyllaceae Hymenophyllum fucoides
  •  cylindrical or funnel-shaped
  • Hymenophyllaceae Didymoglossum godmaniiHymenophyllaceae Crepidomanes pyxidiferum
  •  globose (surrounding all the sporangia)
  • Cyatheaceae Alsophila polystichoides
  •  cup-shaped
  • Dennstaedtiaceae Dennstaedtia punctilobula
  •  scale-like
  • Cyatheaceae Cyathea mutica
  •  linear AND back-to-back along the same vein (diplazioid)
  • Athyriaceae Diplazium ceratolepis
Huperzia absent
Lycopodiella absent
Lycopodium absent
Selaginella absent
Isoetaceae absent
Ophioglossum absent
Botrychium absent
Marattia absent
Danaea absent
Osmunda absent
Dicranopteris absent
Diplopterygium absent
Sticherus absent
Hymenophyllum two-lobed
Trichomanes cylindrical or funnel-shaped
Actinostachys absent, false indusium
Anemia absent, false indusium
Schizaea absent, false indusium
Alsophila absent, globose (surrounding all the sporangia), cup-shaped
Cyathea absent, globose (surrounding all the sporangia), cup-shaped, scale-like
Sphaeropteris absent, globose (surrounding all the sporangia), scale-like
Cibotium two-lobed
Culcita two-lobed
Dicksonia two-lobed
Plagiogyria absent, false indusium
Loxsomopsis cylindrical or funnel-shaped, cup-shaped
Metaxya absent
Hymenophyllopsis two-lobed, cup-shaped
Lophosoria absent
Salvinia globose (surrounding all the sporangia)
Azolla globose (surrounding all the sporangia)
Blotiella false indusium, linear
Dennstaedtia cup-shaped
Histiopteris false indusium, linear
Lindsaea reniform-circular, linear, scale-like
Lonchitis false indusium, linear
Microlepia reniform-circular, scale-like
Odontosoria cup-shaped
Ormoloma reniform-circular, scale-like
Paesia false indusium
Pteridium false indusium, linear
Saccoloma reniform-circular, cylindrical or funnel-shaped, cup-shaped, scale-like
Acrostichum absent
Adiantopsis false indusium
Adiantum false indusium
Aleuritopteris false indusium
Anogramma absent
Argyrochosma false indusium
Aspidotis false indusium
Astrolepis absent
Bommeria absent
Cassebeera false indusium
Ceratopteris false indusium, linear
Cheilanthes false indusium
Cheiloplecton false indusium
Cryptogramma false indusium
Doryopteris false indusium
Eriosorus absent
Hemionitis absent
Llavea false indusium
Nephopteris absent
Notholaena absent, false indusium
Pellaea false indusium
Pentagramma absent
Pityrogramma absent
Pteris false indusium
Pterozonium absent
Trachypteris absent
Ananthacorus absent
Anetium absent
Hecistopteris absent
Polytaenium absent
Scoliosorus absent
Radiovittaria absent
Vittaria absent
Macrothelypteris reniform-circular
Phegopteris absent
Thelypteris absent, reniform-circular
Adenoderris reniform-circular
Athyrium absent, linear
Cystopteris scale-like
Gymnocarpium absent
Woodsia globose (surrounding all the sporangia)
Diplazium linear, linear AND back-to-back along the same vein (diplazioid)
Callipteris linear AND back-to-back along the same vein (diplazioid)
Hemidictyum linear
Onocleopsis false indusium, scale-like
Onoclea false indusium, scale-like
Matteuccia false indusium, scale-like
Atalopteris absent
Ctenitis absent, reniform-circular
Cyclopeltis absent, reniform-circular
Lastreopsis absent, reniform-circular
Megalastrum absent, reniform-circular
Triplophyllum reniform-circular
Cyclodium reniform-circular
Didymochlaena linear
Dryopteris absent, reniform-circular
Maxonia reniform-circular
Olfersia absent
Phanerophlebia absent, reniform-circular
Polybotrya absent
Polystichum absent, false indusium, reniform-circular
Rumohra reniform-circular
Stigmatopteris absent
Asplenium linear, cup-shaped
Ceradenia absent
Cochlidium absent
Enterosora absent
Grammitis absent
Lellingeria absent
Luisma absent
Melpomene absent
Micropolypodium absent
Terpsichore absent
Zygophlebia absent
Arthropteris absent, reniform-circular
Oleandra absent, reniform-circular
Nephrolepis reniform-circular
Lomariopsis absent
Bolbitis absent
Elaphoglossum absent
Lomagramma absent
Blechnum linear
Salpichlaena linear
Woodwardia linear
Lorinseria linear
Niphidium absent
Microgramma absent
Solanopteris absent
Neurodium false indusium
Dicranoglossum absent, false indusium
Pecluma absent
Loxogramme absent
Phlebodium absent
Pleopeltis absent
Pseudocolysis absent
Microphlebodium absent
Polypodium absent
Platycerium absent